When you are looking for a new mortgage or a re-mortgage we all have one thing in common which is to get the best mortgage for our needs but how do we do this and how do we know it is the best mortgage deal.

For some people they are looking to get the best fixed rate mortgage others want to get the best mortgage for self employed and others simply want the best mortgage deals in 2014 whatever your circumstances following these simple steps will ensure you get the best deal possible.

First thing to do is go online and find the best mortgage calculator or a website like https://90mortgagesuk.co.uk which has one for you to use free of charge and enter your details in to the calculator and it will then bring a list of the best mortgages available for your specific needs. Print this list so you have it to hand as you may need it depending on what you want to do next.

If after using the mortgage calculator you are confident enough to proceed by yourself then contact the lender that is offering the best mortgage deal and proceed to your mortgage application where possible. This is only recommended if you have adequate experience in the mortgage market and many lenders will not offer a mortgage on an execution only basis so even if you wish to proceed by yourself you may find this is not possible and have to take advice from the mortgage company representative.

By doing this you are narrowing down your alternatives as the Lenders advisor will be tied to them specifically and not be able to offer you advice on other mortgages in the market. Generally it will not save you any money because many mortgage advisors in 2014 do not charge fees for arranging your mortgage so you are better off getting advice from a mortgage advisor although it is still important to use the best mortgage calculator online and use this to discuss your needs with the mortgage broker.

The alternative is obviously using a mortgage advisor who will discuss all your details and then advise you what is your best mortgage options at this time. Discuss with them your best mortgage deals that you got online as they should have a similar table to what you have or even may have found better offers exclusive to them.

Whatever you can be assured you will get the best mortgage deal in 2014 to meet your needs.

Don’t be put off by the questions the mortgage broker will ask you during the process as these are all needed so he can comply with the FCA guidelines on mortgage advice and the lender will want a copy of most of them anyway to assess your mortgage application in full.

Finally remember mortgage deals can change several times a day so what you see now may change in the next few hours and lenders change their mortgage deals regularly so if you see a deal you really want it is always advisable to get an appointment with a mortgage advisor as soon as possible.

If you are looking to speak with a mortgage advisor then why not give Premier Mortgage Club a ring on 0845 217 1577 local rate their friendly staff are sure to help you as quickly as possible.

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Accidents happen and not all the time, you can be at fault for the incident. There are cases that you are even the one who is at loss. If you will not express your right, you will likely be the one to carry the burden of compensating for the damages. This is when accident claims are very helpful. If you will apply for such claim, you can save yourself from expenses you are not liable to. If you want to understand the whole picture of injury claims, you may consider the plus side of accident claims in Scotland.

Accident Claims Overview

The accident claims in Scotland will help you in occurrences that caused you to suffer from personal injury following a deadly incident. You may be entitled to receive the claim if your accident happened in the road, during sports activity, or in your workplace. Besides, fall, slips, and trips accidents may also be covered by the claim. You will be working with specialists to understand the steps you need to take for support and guidance not only in getting a claim, but also in recovering a difficult time.

Seek a Doctor Right Away

Right after the accident, it is best to look for a doctor and get diagnosis of your current condition. The medical reports will be your strongest proofs to get compensation claims. It is advised that upon checking your injury caused by the accident, your doctor must also be well aware of your medical history. If you will lie about your conditions, your medical report will be greatly affected.

Determine Your Best Compensation Claim

Besides generally getting accident claims in Scotland, you also have to pay attention to the best compensation offer. You can determine the best claim you can get with the assistance of personal injury lawyers. They will surely give the most reasonable compensation offer. According to reports, insurance companies offer high amounts compared to Scottish court’s bids. Basically, the best is not always the highest compensation. Do not select in terms of figures you think will best pay off for the damages you had. In the end, the amount you will receive will still be based on Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases.

Get Support From Specialist Lawyer

You cannot just ask for accident claims in Scotland without knowing the legal proceedings. In this case, there is nothing better than a specialist lawyer in personal injury. The lawyer is the only one who can secure the justice you deserve with the use of his or her expertise, understanding of situation, and professionalism.

Things to Prepare for

To make accident claims in Scotland, you also have to do your part. While your attorney is at work, you should also provide him or her records necessary for the proceedings of your claim. One of the proofs you need is your wage loss report as caused by your injury. Keep your payslips before and after the accident. This will determine how much loss you have suffered due to the accident. Gather all the information about the company or individual who is responsible for your personal injury. Name, address, and number of the accountable may do. https://personal-injury-scotland.co.uk


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Some major commotions on the market involve a missold Lloyds bank pension. Lloyds surprisingly admitted the mis-selling. With this, customers were disappointed of mis-sold pension issues, emphasizing that a simple savings account could have been better than those complex investments. Customers were also alarmed since one out four cases involves complaints of mis-sold investments.

Due Process

The bank faced legal proceedings, and victims were given their due process. The state-backed bank pays thousands of pounds as compensation to victims who were mostly elderly. The victims were sold complicated structured products, although they were given due process and compensation. However, the payout was only the beginning, since 6,000 more policies revealed to have matured with substandard returns.

Policy Review

The senior executives of Lloyds admitted that the majority of the missold Lloyds bank pension was sold to Scottish widows from 2007 to 2012 by its branch advisers. On that note, complaints specialists have reviewed every policy. And the review findings implied that policies ended with poorer returns compared to savings accounts. The reviews focused mainly on customers who were in a retirement, near retirement, and those who retired. Customers who were pursued by salesmen were likewise included, as well as those who were persuaded to invest a huge part of their savings. Clients who had never invested in the stock market were also considered in the reviews.

Identifying Mis-sold Pensions, Policies, and Investments

There are some guidelines that can help customers in identifying a missold Lloyds bank pension or a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) by Lloyds. Customers who were unaware that a PPI was added to their accounts were most likely victims of the said case. The bank should explain or discuss with their clients that a PPI is optional, not mandatory. The bank advisers should also explain significant clauses and exclusions in their clients’ policies. In order to understand better, clients should be very cautious and bank advisers must be transparent in all transactions, whether concerning a pension, life plan, or a loan.

Claiming Mis-sold PPI from Lloyds

Mis-sold PPI from Lloyds have become a major issue in the United Kingdom since millions of people have been affected. However, hundreds of thousands of victims are unaware of how to claim such mis-sold products. Dealing with a missold Lloyds bank pension or any other product would require adequate knowledge plus professional assistance. Clients who experience such issues must seek for claims management specialists who are highly skilled and well-versed in mis-sold pensions, life plans and policies, PPIs, and further investments.

Need for Proper Compensation

Lloyds’ clients who have been mis-sold pensions have been compensated accurately, considering the lost interest and potential returns. An unusual, yet extensive sales review was conducted, followed by a call for action by the Money Mail. The bank’s representatives had promised to review all sales and to compensate the victims. Struggling with mis-sold pensions or any other product is time-consuming and stressful. Hence, seeking for a reliable representation, when needed, is of ultimate importance. Victims of a missold Lloyds bank pension should consider different factors and guidelines in claiming compensation. https://www.mis-soldpension.com


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Acquiring a whole of life insurance can be quite stressful, especially if it is your first time to encounter such and if you have never had experiences dealing with this type of transaction. However, it is never impossible to land into a successful transaction, especially if you know how to manage your decisions well and you know how to weigh all of your options. But if you need to be guided in this process, here are four important reminders that you can use before you can get this type of insurance successfully.

Know what your needs are.

First of all, you should have a concrete idea in mind about what your exact needs are. Are you in need of something long-term? Can you handle something that you need to invest in for a decade? Or you are going for something that you think would be easier to handle for a person like you who is close to retiring? Before getting a whole of life insurance, make sure that you really know what your goals are and you know how much of a responsibility you can handle.

Remember that insurance is not an investment.

Finally, remember that insurance is not an investment that you are going to make. It is something that you are going to take for protection. So, while you pay for it every month, think of it as something that you will be able to use to secure your future. Do not look at it as a burden and make sure that you never miss to attend to your responsibilities, especially after you have already made your commitment.

Perform your research.

Before getting a whole of life insurance, it is highly vital that you do your research. Know everything that you need to know before you start transacting with companies. Look for reviews on the kind of service that your chosen company or your options have to offer you, as much as possible. Show them that you have enough knowledge about what you are trying to apply for. Never give them a reason to take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

Compare your options.

Finally, compare all the options that you have encountered and make sure that you have already explored all of them before you narrow down the range of choices that you have and come up with your final decision. Getting a whole of life insurance is something huge for all types of people – be it that you are a parent, a professional or the wealthiest person in your area.

There are so many whole of life insurance deals that you can possibly see during your search. If you do not go through the selection process with a critical mind and if you rush into going through the process, you might just suffer a long-term series of burdens. So, take the process of selecting it seriously and consider each and every factor that arises. In return, what you will get are long-term benefits and comfort for you and your loved ones.


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When life insurance policies are talked about, there are a surprising number of people who actually have no idea about the contents of their insurance policies. Generally, individuals take a look at the price first and then review the terms later. In looking for term insurance quotes, the final numbers should become your main concern.

One of the problems that a lot of people encounter is when the quote seems too overwhelmingly cheap. Most often than not, this is because some elements are being purposely left out of the insurance policy. Although cheap insurance sounds like good music to the ears, you can end up on the losing end in the long run because you will be actually paying more than what you are actually getting. In order for you to secure the best term insurance quotes and ultimately the best coverage, look for different insurance quotes online and then sift through all of them in order to identify which one will work for you.

At the outset, this may seem time consuming to a lot of people. However, the effort will certainly be worth it. Being ripped off is something that all of us dislike so we must all keep a keen eye in looking at what is happening around us, especially when it comes to a complicated issue like term insurance quotes.

What To Watch Out For

Although the idea of looking at nothing else but the overview of the whole policy may seem tempting, it is important to be aware of the requirements of term insurance quotes and their corresponding policies. There are actually different stipulations and conditions which many individuals end up neglecting and never review. For instance, sometimes insurance agents purposely skip telling their customers that with the passage of time, insurance policies can depreciate.

Reading the fine print of the policy carefully is necessary due to several reasons. However, ultimately there will come a time when the coverage ands and the benefits will be completely lost. This is why you should watch out for the details of the coverage terms. The best term insurance quotes that are available online should be able to zero in on these, but make sure that you dig deeper on your own.

Weigh Your Options

If presented with different options, do not immediately go for the one which is offered. Be wise and wary by checking out the tiny details of the specific life insurance coverage because you can actually save hundreds of dollars in your premium payments.

Ask your term insurance quotes broker about the coverage of the policy. Life term insurance is normally available only for a specific period of time and if it expires, the coverage will stop existing. In seeking for term insurance quotes over the internet, recognize the differences between the other kinds of insurance policies because there are numerous essential points that must be considered.

Many online insurance agents claim that they offer the most excellent term insurance quotes, but they fail at proving this. Get up to five policy quotes and compared them with each other prior to making your decision.


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Over the years, there have been numerous cases of missold pensions. Such category of pensions surrounds issues like retirement pension, pension transfers, pension mortgages, and so on. Primarily, the reason for a mis-sold pension is the inability of the borrower to risk. Hence, they could go through a pension audit and towards a pension claim.


Pension Company


Normally, people would have bought their pension policies from a pension company. These pension providers vary from one another. These may be small or big institutions that provide different pension policies and other products and services. People with assumed missold pensions could have a very complicated time in filing a claim for a mis-sold pension.


Reasons for Mis-Sold Pensions


There are varied reasons for a mis-sold pension. Basically, experts say that the reason behind such issue is the inability or lack of the pensioner to take risks. The attitude to risk of the pensioner could have not matched the pension investment. Another reason is that the pensioner was not aware of the charges surrounding the pension.


Moreover, the pensioner was not advised of the stakeholder pension. Others did not receive correct and proper documents from their respective advisors. Nonetheless, these circumstances must be reviewed in order to determine if a pensioner has a good chance to claim for missold pensions or not.


Claim Process


The process for claiming for a mis-sold pension can become a daunting task, if the pensioner will do it alone. It is more difficult for a claim if and when the pension company is no longer in business. Hence, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) can significantly assist throughout this matter.  The FSA has a team that specializes in dealing with missold pensions, assisting the claimants on how to proceed with their case. Furthermore, there are separate entities that offer services, specializing in such cases.


Thorough Research


It is entirely the responsibility of the claimants to look for the legal assistance that they need. There are several, independent entities around that provide such service, assisting people throughout their pension claim process. Due to the massive numbers of said service providers, claimants may have a hard time in arriving at one. Apparently, a thorough research is necessary in order to find the most reliable service provider. Online research and friend recommendations can greatly help throughout the search. Claimants should keep in mind that their main purpose is to claim, or at least have a good case with their missold pensions.


Trustworthy Service


Claimants would prefer the most reliable and most trustworthy services to be successful with their claims. This is possible by hiring an experienced yet trustworthy company that would assist them in their case. Proper education and awareness of services are similarly important to online research and recommendations. The assistance in claiming a mis-sold pension should not be demanding at least during the initial stage of the process. Although availing of such service would surely cover a certain fee. Claimants must also ensure that the fees are not significantly high. Some service providers offer a “no-win, no-fee” agreements, while other charge their clients with a certain percentage of the compensation.




To sum up, not all claimants of a mis-sold pension is successful in their journey. It is always important for pensioners, borrowers, and other applicants to be well aware of certain agreements, terms, and conditions that cover their policies. Proper research and education are likewise essential, ensuring clients and applicants with proper knowledge and understanding surrounding their contracts, be it a pension transfer, pension mortgage, or retirement pension. Nonetheless, the clarity of the fine print or agreement is always vital in order to avoid missold pensions and similar cases.



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First time homebuyers are given the chance to avail of the 90 mortgages that are taken as their lifeline so that they can give only small deposit for moving into a new property. In 2012, HSBC, a high street bank set aside about £3billion as help for these first time buyers by launching a new deal they called the 90 percent loan-to-value mortgage. In connection, Marsden and Yorkshire, two companies for building societies also offered the same type of deals.

About The 90 Mortgages

Mortgages that offer only a ten percent deposit so that borrowers can borrow 90 percent of their property value become popular since 2011.  This type of lending becomes more and more competitive for the people since the interest rates can be reduced. On the other hand, the terms and conditions of borrowing also become stricter than for those applying with larger deposit amounts.

Who Can Avail of 90 Mortgages?

People who are employed and self-employed can apply for these types of mortgages wherein the lenders will look to let someone borrow up to five times their income. On the other hand, some lenders will also look into letting someone borrow up to four times their income. In addition, the smaller building societies may even lend lesser than this amount.  The so-called 90 percent mortgages are made available for both the home movers and first time homebuyers.

A reminder to you is that no matter if you fall under the self-employed or employed borrower because these types of loans can be loaned under the following types of mortgage

  • A fixed mortgage
  • A tracker mortgage offer
  • A discounted mortgage
  • *Maybe for a current account mortgage

Without even saying, it would be important to recall that you should carefully look into the things you are expecting from the mortgage deal. In most cases, it would be advisable to study your options carefully to find out what solution really fits you. If you need help, you may want to seek the help of an experienced mortgage professional who can help you see solutions including the initial mortgage period that will usually take about two to five years.

What To Do

If you are trying to find the best deals when it comes to 90 mortgages, you should not jump into the first deal you will find online. Although you may be in a hurry to look into the best deals online, you should learn how to compare them by doing the following:

  1. Compare their interest rates.
  2. See their charges and fees.
  3. You should look into the standard variable rate offered by the lender.
  4. Compare to see if the 90 percent loan to value mortgage does not implement higher lending charges aside from their other charges.

There you have what you need to know about this type of loan to value mortgage. In the real world, you should save a bigger deposit before applying for a mortgage. Now, you are given the chance to borrow for a more affordable deal through 90 mortgages.


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Death is a subject that is too morbid to talk about, but whole of life assurance is not. It is not normal to be talking about when you will die and how prepared you are and your family if ever you face the ultimate claws of death. On the other end, it is normal to be talking about life insurance policies if we do want to make our family financially ready when the time comes.

Most especially if you have a partner, or children and other dependents. It is better to talk about the possibility of dying and be prepared for it than to not talk about it at all and sweep your family into a whole load of loss when you are gone. It is better to pick the policy that will protect the well-being of your family now than later, but how do you choose the right whole of life assurance policy?

Pick From Various Types Of Policy

The life insurance policies come in many forms and it is very important to know them well in order for you to decide which one is the best fit for your circumstances. There are utmost five different kinds of life insurance policy. The first one is the Level Term. This form of life insurance will provide a cash money or lump sum to your beneficiaries when you die in a certain and specific term. The second one is the Guaranteed whole of life assurance policy.

The difference of it from the first one is that it does not have a limit and it can cost more. The third one is the Decreasing Term. By the name itself, the amount that your beneficiaries will get will decrease over time. The fourth one is the Increasing Term. Under this policy, the amount you pay per month will increase in time. The fifth one is the Family Income Benefit.

This is the cheapest among the aforementioned. This policy will pay a monthly income for your beneficiaries instead of a cash money or lump sum. This will save our family from managing a huge amount of money and takes the risk of spending the money in one go.

Tips for a Good Start

After knowing the kinds and picking which one you think is fitting to your needs, you can start applying for a whole of life assurance policy then. There are some suggestions that you can follow upon applying so that you can make sure of the security of your family and the loved ones you will leave behind. The most important thing to remember in making your application is always to be completely honest and consistent. Be transparent in answering the questions no matter how tedious it is. You can tell them everything when they ask you. These questions will be used for the benefits that you can get.

Minimize the Cost

There are ways that you can minimize and cut down the cost of your policy. You can do it by keeping yourself healthy and safe. This may sound very cliché but it works. Your health is a determining factor in the amount of insurance policy. The premiums increase when the likelihood of death is very possible. If your job is risky, you will most likely pay more for your whole life assurance policy.

Do remember that buying the right policy will not only prepare you, but most of all your family. When you choose a whole of life assurance policy, you are also choosing the good start of your family when the unexpected time comes.

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It can be hard to purchase a new home, but with the first time buyer scheme; this can give you an eligible way to purchase a home. Having high property prices, it can be impossible to save at least 20 percent deposit. Hence, the United Kingdom government established a scheme to aid those who want to have a new home without a high deposit. In order to become eligible, you need to possess the following:

  • Search to purchase a home that is less than 600,000 euros
  • Deposit of at least five percent
  • The property you will purchase is your first mortgage as well

The first time buyer scheme is comprised of mortgage guarantees and equity loans. The first you need to know is the mortgage guarantees:

  • You need to make a deposit of at least five percent
  • The government guarantees any mortgage borrowing that is higher than 80 percent of the property value.
  • You can borrow up to 95 percent of the property price from the lender.

The borrower should know that the whole loan is accountable to sole payment. This means without repayment of the loan, it could fall into repossession. On the other hand, the lender only acquires lesser risk because it is in small amounts. Nonetheless, the government is providing lenders the freedom to set their own interest rates as part of the scheme; hence, there are no guarantees to acquire an attractive rate.

How to Equity Loans Work

Another part of this scheme is the equity loans wherein it is open to home movers and first time home buyers in England. In equity loans, the government will provide a loan of up to twenty percent the price and the borrower should contribute at least five percent. The 75% should cover the rest. Of course, the property will be under the borrower’s name, which means that you can sell the house any time. You need to pay back the equity loan whenever you want to sell the house upon reaching the mortgage period. You can tale to a lender or an agent if you want to acquire the first time buyer scheme.

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A modern day occurrence is people renting rather than buying insurance. Working individuals who live alone find this arrangement suitable financially. When you rent a place, you accumulate and bring with you things. Some are valuable and other not that valuable. You also need protection for such content inside your rented place. Such protection is commonly referred to as contents insurance. What is included in contents insurance? It is anything insurable and valuable inside your rented place. You can insure your appliances, electronic equipment, antique pieces and anything the provider will accept. You will never know how valuable it is until an incident happens.

It Includes Every Item Inside Your Home

Even if contents insurance is not compulsory, you must take advantage of it because some items may be difficult to replace when they are lost due to fire, due to theft or any other damage.  Computers, high-end video home systems, jewellery and even clothing can be covered by such type of insurance. Some items can be damaged by just any incident. It can be damaged by leaked water, smoke or even simple theft. This is why you need this kind of protection. All the contents inside your rented place can be given protection if you need to.

It Includes Items That Are Not Valuable

The content inside your rented place is composed of both valuable and not so valuable items. Even though contents insurance is not compulsory, and some items may not look valuable, you still need it. The paradox is that some items may not be valuable to other but it is valuable to you. For instance, a musical instrument may not be valuable to others, so they do not want to cover it. But if you are into music, then your musical instrument is valuable and you need insurance for it, to replace it if it becomes lost or damaged.

It Includes Items That Are Very Valuable

Very valuable items must have contents insurance. This can include jewelry and certain kinds of unique furniture. Some have rare paintings and art pieces inside their rented place and you need insurance cover for this. They may be irreplaceable but at least you can recover a portion of the cost of replacement. You must be aware that anything can happen and at any given time. This is the concept of this type of insurance. Your valuable can be lost anytime through fire, theft, water damage, paint or just about anything. Without protection, you will be in for a total loss.

It is difficult to raise the amount if you lose something suddenly. This is the reason for contents insurance. You need it to protect your belongings, especially those that you value the most. But when you get a policy be sure to be aware of all the inclusions and exclusions for this special type of insurance.  For instance, if you live in a shared accommodation, this type of arrangement can affect your insurance cover. Find out more about this type of insurance before deciding to get cover.